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    Unimate Hackathon

    Enhancing mental health of your fellow students!
The Research

Project Unimate

Unimate is an ongoing research collaboration between Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen, Scotland and the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT). The purpose of this study is to develop a digital intervention (app) aimed at enhancing students’ mental health and wellbeing. The research team, in consultation with IIT students, have identified a need for a self-management app that also provides information, advice and signposting on physical and mental wellbeing.Through Unimate, we want to:

  • Identify self-management dimensions for health and wellbeing, and help develop task management skills to reduce stress triggers.
  • Develop these digital interventions, in consultation with the target population, so that the app is fit for purpose at deployment.
  • Iteratively refine the digital intervention and create health and wellbeing awareness within IIT and beyond.

About Hackathon

Unimate Hackathon - 2021

The aim of the Hackathon is to enhance the Unimate app which delivers digital interventions to self-manage wellbeing in young adults (e.g. student population at IIT). Through this competition we also want to create greater mental health awareness amongst young adults.


Visit our GitHub repository to familiar with the Code


Download the APK to explore the App


First Place

Team Machang

Team Members: Arambawaththage Dharana Dinindu Rodrigo, Nadun Yashmika, Shalinie Peiris, Sandaru Kasthoori, Seniya Sansith, Kavindu Gunathilake

Second Place

Team ThinkingBits

Team Members: Purindu Weerawardana, Lakindu Widuranga Alwis, L. Sanuth Desitha Wadasinghe, Ruwandieka Peiris, Manthi Perera

Third Place

Team Autorun

Team Members: Janul Sellahewa, Yasiru Shaminda Luvishewa, Yovindu Banula, Harees Srinivasan, H.V. Nandun Nemitha Dulaj Diaz, Madhuka Weerakoon

Our Panel of Judges

Hackathon Day

Hackathon Day Agenda

Saturday, 4th December 2021

9.00 AM - 9.30 AM Welcoming Guests and Teams
9.30 AM - 9.35 AM Welcome Speech

Ms. Naomi Krishnarajah
Informatics Institute of Technology, Colombo

9.35 AM - 9.45 AM Unimate Introduction

Professor Kay Cooper
Clinical Professor Allied Health Professions
Robert Gordon University, Scotland

9.45 AM - 10.00 AM Unimate Research Assistants Journey and App Demo

Chamath Palihawadana
Research Assistant at Robert Gordon University, Scotland

Banuka Athuraliya
Research Assistant at Robert Gordon University, Scotland

Vihanga Wijayasekara
Research Assistant at Robert Gordon University, Scotland

10.00 AM - 10.15 AM Why mental well-being is highly important in the current context?

Mr. Lakmal Ponnamperuma
Clinical Psychologist and Director (Psychosocial)
National Child Protection Authority

10.15 AM - 12.15 PM Hackathon Compulsory Challenges Round
12.15 AM - 1.15 PM Top 5 Teams Idea Pitching - Hackathon Optional Challenges Round
1.15 PM - 2.15 PM Lunch Break
2.15 PM - 2.30 PM Common psychological issues affect the mental well-being

Dr. Dulshika Amerasinghe Waas
Senior Lecturer, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Consultant Psychiatrist, Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila

2.30 PM - 3.00 PM Awarding Ceremony
3.00 PM - 3.05 PM Vote of thanks

Professor Nirmalie Wiratunga
Research Professor at Robert Gordon University
Adjunct Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

3.05 PM - 3.30 PM Networking Session

Selected Team List

Individual Entrant

Samith Edirisinghe

Individual Entrant

Thrishaa Jeyakumar

Individual Entrant


Group Entrant

Janul Sellahewa
Yasiru Shaminda Luvishewa
Yovindu Banula
Harees Srinivasan
H.V. Nandun Nemitha Dulaj Diaz
Madhuka Weerakoon

Group Entrant

Purindu Weerawardana
Lakindu Widuranga Alwis
L. Sanuth Desitha Wadasinghe
Ruwandieka Peiris
Manthi Perera

Group Entrant

Dimuth Rehan Fernandopulle
D. G. A. Kavinda

Group Entrant

Tenura Pasandul Gamage
Kavindu Hirushan Bandara
Sonali Jayarathne
Uthmika Sadeesha Jayawardena
Sarani Sithumini
Shanuka Radeeshan Gunathilleke
Dharmakumar Prabodhya Lakshmi

Group Entrant

Malith Kulathilake
Santhusha Mallawatantri
Thiran Hettiarachchi
Demetre Alwis
Rashmi Mallawaarachchi
Brian Fernando
Mineth Jeewandara

Group Entrant

Arambawaththage Dharana Dinindu Rodrigo
Nadun Yashmika
Shalinie Peiris
Sandaru Kasthoori
Seniya Sansith
Kavindu Gunathilake

Group Entrant

Lumin Sanjula De Silva
Charitha Dilman Lahiru
W.K.K. Dineth Oshitha
M.M. Bhasinee Mawusika
Nipuni Kanishka Gamage
Hiruni Pramodya Edirisinghe
Tekshan Madhawa


Here's the timeline of the program

First Stage
Registrations Open, Build your Team

Talk to your friends and gather them up to build something that would really impact the fellow students like you. Team Size: 1-6 People

Keep in mind that the registered teams will be shortlisted based on the answers they given in the registration form. So take time, go through the app, and discuss with your team.

Registrations Closed

Closing the registrations

Final Stage

You will recieve the confirmation from us that you are shotlisted for the final stage.

Implementation and Mentoring starts

Start working on your idea/concept with your team and come up with a nice pitch and a prototype to demonstrate it. We will be mentoring each team on a weekly basis.

Implementation and Mentoring ends

Now you have a perfect prototype to demonstrate.

Final Pitch and Prize Giving

Showcase your idea and the prototype to us. Everyone will be rewarded!

Tutorial - Project Setup

Follow this tutorial to setup the Unimate project. This tutorial explains how to setup the React Native project and the Firebase project.

For more information,
Chamath Palihawadana - c.palihawadana@rgu.ac.uk
Banuka Athuraliya - banu.a@iit.ac.lk
Vihanga Wijayasekara - ashinsanavihanga@gmail.com

Rs. 30,000
Rs. 50,000
Rs. 15,000
🏆 Awards for the best 3 solutions and certificates for all participants will be provided by RGU and IIT, with funding obtained from the Global Challenges Research Fund.

Funded by / Partners

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
Robert Gordon University
Informatics Institute of Technology
IEEE Informatics Institute of Technology Student Branch